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Some SQL

One of the more enjoyable aspects of my current job is navigating the in house Laboratory Information Management System (or LIMS) in order to validate (or disprove) our assumptions about trends, find cases, and just plain find interesting numbers. (Example: Our highest BAC in a DUI case was 0.562). Because our LIMS was coded completely in house I had access to the developer, and through him the DB Schema. The LIMS would allow us to execute sanitized queries, and for more complex operations we used pgAdmin III.

We were curious if change laws affected the frequency of specific testing requests. This query uses two basic sub-queries, and then joins them by date.

Test Type % Per Month

This one started out with a chance meeting in a court house, and ended with our clients using this information to share tactics and improve their accuracy. This one generates a chart of the last year of results of a certain kind of test, sorts them by client, and categorizes them by industry standards. This list (after some sanitation and processing) was distributed to our clients and gave them metrics to evaluate their practices.

Results by client

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