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Category Archives: Code Snippets

Here are a few examples of various hack’s that I’ve coded together.

Foray into PyQt

I love Python. Of all the languages I’ve played with, it was the quickest I was able to do something useful in. Not just a working example, but code that served a purpose and filled a need. A large part of that is because of Python’s focus on simplicity and readability. However, most of the […]

Roku Screensaver Pt. 3

In wrapping up the Roku project; there are just two more things to talk about. First is that the screen stack isn’t as sacrosanct as the documentation would leave you to believe, and the other is Flight Rising’s disappointing response.

Roku Screensaver Pt. 2

A friend of mine likes to say that no aspect of a programming language is an accident. If the designer of a language excludes a feature or includes certain features but not others, it is because the designer is trying to encourage use of the language in a certain way. Look up discussions of pythons […]

Roku Screensaver

A few years ago we ended up getting a Roku for our cable cutting needs. It supports Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime as well as a slew of other Streaming services that I hadn’t heard of before. It’s also simple to use (unlike the HTPC I built), which helps ensure that it gets used by […]

Some SQL

One of the more enjoyable aspects of my current job is navigating the in house Laboratory Information Management System (or LIMS) in order to validate (or disprove) our assumptions about trends, find cases, and just plain find interesting numbers. (Example: Our highest BAC in a DUI case was 0.562). Because our LIMS was coded completely […]