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The Post Pax11:Prime Games Post

Below are quick reviews of games. If you want read the stories, you will find that here. PAX if nothing if it isn’t about Games, Gamers, and Gaming Culture. In fact, many people who go to PAX do nothing but look a new games. This year I was super busy and didn’t get to give […]

The Post Pax11:Prime Stories Post

Below are stories. If you want to skip to the games, you will find that here. PAX11 is over, and it was amazing. For 5 days I was in heavenly bliss. I can’t wait for next year.

Let’s Play: EVE

So, I started logging into EVE:Online again.  I’m not actually ‘playing’, per say.  I’m just getting some enjoyment from the game.  For me, ‘playing’ would involve exploding internet spaceships, and right now I don’t have the time that exploding internet spaceships demand.  Instead I have decided to play with a small facet of the game […]

The Tale of the Interns and how they learned the wisdom of the Bucket

As I sat serving penance for my sins, the Interns came to me and said, “We are Interns.  We are without guidance nor goals.  We seek to learn useful skills.” I said to the Interns “You shall go forth to the Empty Room. And you shall sweep the floor of debris and mop the floor […]

Hiring: Must be able to write a damn good resume.

One of the odd jobs I fill at the lab is that of Hiring Manager.  This isn’t meant to imply that all hiring decisions go through me; rather, I’m responsible for the hiring process.  I don’t make the final decisions, I just screen applicants, arrange the interviews for people who are asked to come in, […]