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The Tale of the Interns and how they learned the wisdom of the Bucket

As I sat serving penance for my sins, the Interns came to me and said, “We are Interns.  We are without guidance nor goals.  We seek to learn useful skills.” I said to the Interns “You shall go forth to the Empty Room. And you shall sweep the floor of debris and mop the floor of grime. So it is said, so shall it be”

And the Interns went forth with the brooms and the mops and the bucket.

And soon I came upon the Interns laboring in the Empty room and they said unto me “The Mopping! It does not work!” and I replied “You idiots. You need more than a finger width of water in the bucket. Make it so!”.

And then I left them.

Again I came upon the Interns laboring in the Empty Room. And one of them had a small bottle, full of water, which he was pouring into the bucket and they said unto me “The filling with water! It does not work! See how we labor? See the distance from the mop to the sink? See how we trek from sink to bucket with our small bottle full of water? See how little water is in the bucket? Surely we cannot handle such a task. Surely cleansing the Empty Room is a task for those greater than ourselves”

And I said “Holy Fucking Shit. Do you not see the wheels on the damn thing? Do you not see the hose in the next room? How the what!?” And I took the interns to the hose, and I shared with them the wisdom of the Bucket, and how it moved on it’s eternal wheels. And I shared with them the wisdom of the hose, and how it spewed forth water in great volumes.

And the Interns went back into the Empty Room, and with great effort completed this most simple of tasks.

And I wept.

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