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Summer Goals

Here are my goals for this summer…


  • Camping trip in YNP. This includes planning the route, ensuring everyone coming can complete the hikes and enjoy themselves, finding out what permits we need and getting them, scheduling the flights for everyone, arranging for a car to be in Montana, and ensuring that we have a complete skill set for everything we need.  I know I forgot something.
  • Go hiking as often as possible.
  • Go camping several times. Preferably combining hiking and kayaking with camping.


This is the worse that could happen.

  • Do more kayaking. Damn thing has been sitting in my garage for a while, it’s time to get it wet.  Also, need tosell/trade the small kayak for a lake/touring kayak.
  • Learn to fish. Maybe.  It could be cool to be able to live off the river.
  • Go biking.
  • Learn camp cooking. Whats the worse that could happen?
  • Have fun with photography.

Well shit, if I have time

  • Finish cleaning the garage and basement. Notice I said Finish.  This does not include continually cleaning but making no headway.
  • Get a motorcycle license. This has been on my TODO list for the last 3 summers, and isn’t going anywhere.
  • Learn Archery.
  • Finish touching up the paint in the house.
  • Decorate the walls.
  • Gather my memorabilia and find ways to display it.
  • Collect my old pictures and convert them to electronic format.

Character Growth

  • Continue writing everything down. This is a fairly new thing for me.  I started writing a lot of notes at work, and as I got more and more used to writing notes, it became easier for me to write everything down.  Currently in addition to taking copious notes at work I also carry a little black book for casual notes and I keep a journal of my 4ED’s groups escapades.  I also maintain a book of Roller Derby stuff, mainly planning notes for HCDD.  And I’m starting to write more here, on the blog.  I need to continue this.
  • Try to get my life more organized.
  • Think more, react less.
  • Develop my character growth section. I’m fairly introspective, but I don’t have a firm grasp on my failures and flaws. I should develop my understanding of my failure and flaws and be able to fill this section out more.

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