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Winter Goals

With winter comes the winter goals list. Primary Go Snowboarding – Woot for easy goals! The plan is to get a 4day pass, and actually use it. Go to the Dentist – And woot for impossible goals! I don’t mean to be rude; but FUCK dentists. FUCK THEM TO HELL. I have an irrational dislike […]

End of Summer Report

Remember this post? It was my Summer goals post, where I laid out some objectives for the 2011 Summer. Let’s see how I did in meeting those goals, and see what additional things I accomplished. As an aside, I think that this shows that I’m not a goal oriented person; simply goal aware. Notice the […]

Summer Goals

Here are my goals for this summer…

Hiring: Must be able to write a damn good resume.

One of the odd jobs I fill at the lab is that of Hiring Manager.  This isn’t meant to imply that all hiring decisions go through me; rather, I’m responsible for the hiring process.  I don’t make the final decisions, I just screen applicants, arrange the interviews for people who are asked to come in, […]